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tv   Boom Bust  RT  August 15, 2018 8:30am-9:01am EDT

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maybe you wonder just how bad is the male market i mean i haven't heard about this and that's what i noticed a very odd thing not only is male the top selling condom and the u.s. sales of man is that consistently risen and their market share increased over the last decade so you're courting to researchers the global man is market rates the value of nine point nine billion u.s. dollars and twenty seventeen and the market is anticipated to reach a value of twelve point five billion u.s. dollars by two thousand and twenty three u.s. census data and simon's national consumer survey showed that two hundred seventy four million americans used man is our man as type salad dressing and twenty seventeen and it's projected to increase to two hundred seventy eight and a half million in two thousand and twenty so minutes the opposite of being murdered by millennialist or anyone else is actually booming and is more popular they catch up oh well i'm sure we could find a way to blame the increase in horseradish sauce sales on the russians tomorrow.
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yeah so bombs to mamie's love this so what's at the heart of this is that knee jerk reaction in society today we're going to blame somebody blame because if something doesn't go right for me and screws up my life i have to blame the generation of kids blame them for they screwed up man is i mean blamed for this but blame him for by legacy media they've been blamed for the murder of dinner cruises napkins running bar running bars of soap sex marriage homeownership wine corks department stores diet i'm sure there's a lot more that establishment media has you know use this clip to blame on one you'll see that's just a small list this is the tip of the idea for the mayo the big problem really is this is ridiculous to me. you know we talk about it identity politics but i had no idea that my favorite condiment mayonnaise. was really tied up to so much race. the injustice in the world to hang semi writer also claims that just
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because something is old and white doesn't mean it's obsolete and that young people are turning their back as she puts it on american culture by not using enough minutes which they are using man as i don't that's the point but she claims it was sort of forced it upon this is a strange part so first she claims that man is and these terrible recipe is that she is for seize the land the recipe is that her mother was forced to learn to become a you know to become an american now are terrible millennial is are respecting our heritage of having to be forced to make terrible food just like everyone else she also claims that mayo is the taylor swift of condiments which i guess means it's worth an inordinate amount of money and is wildly popular and is broken up with often wow. wow there's so much pop culture that resulted in identity condiments is the problem that we have too many options and they always
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once they want all these foreign things like fear it would serve as you know good. it's just so ridiculous as ridiculous just borrow a business insider to point out that mayo's is like as you said top of the. it's the most popular condiment in america everybody loves still so i'm sorry this is not data journalism this is just one person's confession which is apparently not as could have been potatoes teller's used to be. wrote i mean i was there just put up the recipe and it is one hundred percent the like bland most basic i mean i'm sorry i grew up with my grandmothers and people during all these recipes in the fifties and. i'm just not understanding most weird idea of we're supposed to keep making bad food it's this idea like nobody's eating her doubles i guess at a penny a body it's yours many of them i don't like i don't have potato salad left over when i get that maybe it's is it right i mean to me it's one of those things that
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yes there's something to be said you want to carry on tradition you want you know it's cool that you see recipes passed down generation to generation that's already up to date but you update them and you can just get locked into like well if it's not mayonnaise then the fabric of america is being torn apart guess what the idea is that we're constantly evolve right yeah i mean it's like the idea that if i put a little you know old baby on my potato salad or my macaroni salad someone's going to write i think about how i'm ruining america love the pieces are going to go to break court watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered on facebook and twitter. to see our poll shows that are t.v. dot com coming up parties and cold bridges the latest on yet another round of social media censorship on the show in stone sits down with even the government to discuss his investigations into organ trafficking ready staterooms what.
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america was never great was founded on the rapes and the murder. nothing changed so we said in. response to these situations that we're dealing with. people here is sad every day she is just people kill each other blacks were killing children. still is just no way that people are going to just sit back and allow children to be shot down law enforcement. this country doesn't work for us it doesn't function for us. this is can't be happening in
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america we call from the streets we've got to deal with why this is the reason i have to ride like this is the reason. i've. just to get the sense. that they said. in the. sequel here that you know this is you are talking to me and i don't know that i'm going to. run. that are going to have to go because it will only give you the right. i will get a lot of what i need to about. what i'm about the same as art when i was up the
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money into the magazine about me. living the long live the life long run. thanks to say sleep while they're still there we go right into the room there's a long long. long way for you me. or the good people more adult films was on the road. was i didn't. yes. thank you thank. you. well last week facebook brought us the banning of controversial right wing icon alex jones and is in full wars
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a brand from the social media giant this week it appears that facebook is now swinging its bam stick to the other side of the alternative political spectrum with news that the left leaning south american news network tell us soar has recently been suspended from its platform and fact this is now the second time this year tell us or has felt the route of facebook censorship game here to dissect is r t correspondent dan cohen welcome dan we always preserve them so so i would first go to lay out for everybody how did this play out between facebook until we're sure what exactly happened here right will tell us or launched its english major twenty four to. basically to challenge corporate dominated media and provide a platform from for voices from the global south and it done exceptionally well it's. page had five hundred thousand likes and it was doing great coverage across latin america and monday evening around five forty eastern time its site facebook page in english was simply removed and they got an e-mail right at the
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same time saying that your page has been removed for violating the terms of use they sent a message asking for clarification and facebook sent a message back today tuesday saying the engineering department is reviewing the case but facebook at no point ever identified any offending content or post so i reached out to facebook they didn't respond. at a loss right now wow that's really fascinating because really first and you never really do facebook always coming never really a lot of times what what the reason there is yeah and it's sort of safe as i was like to say that it's an engineering to be i think of it sort of a technical issue but we it's probably not as technical issue because one of the things that's also rather curious. about. about this is when the account was suspended and what kind of content the account was posting right before the suspension and the case of venezuela analysis dot com what do you know about that
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exactly so this is since august sixth there have been at least three sites to be taken down from facebook the first was conspiracy theorist alex jones and his info war site which kind of had a lot of support from left leaning circles for a variety of reasons then venezuela analysis dot com which is an independently run analysis site that had just posted a scathing critique of western media coverage of the assassination attempt of venezuelan president nicolas maduro when that was. hosted then it was taken down so it's very curious timing that i think you know requires some explanation at the very least another good journalist should do that you've got to ask facebook like you know hey guys guess what this seems a bit odd you know is it a glitch because that's always the thing we go back to right it was a glimpse of how it serves original time they took them down to what they saw there was a big glitch exactly in january of twenty eighteen they said it was it was a it was a mistake ok seems to happen speaking of potential interesting mistakes. facebook's
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also have has another rather curious new partner in deciding what is or is not fake news they could announce that world and they partnered up one of them is the atlantic council tell us a little bit about that interesting combination right so in may facebook essentially outsourced its censorship duties if we can call it that to the atlantic council which is a think tank just a few blocks away from the studio here that's funded by a variety of foreign governments and corporations there are some of the top funders include nato the us state department our very own government charles koch the clinton foundation theocratic gulf monarchies like the united arab emirates oil companies like chevron exxon mobil weapons manufacturers like raytheon and lockheed martin so i mean those are just a few so it's really you know you see who is facebook is partnering with in order
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to kind of create the agenda and the discourse that we're allowed to see on facebook that that's incredible to me we're not getting a lot of. i mean you talk about a personal pretty you talk about a cesspool of all that's wrong in politics and government today you kind of see them all and there's one big bat that is the soul. but this is a mess over there also and the fact that the state department has given money to that as well really brings up a lot of problems because the government is not supposed to be infringing on first amendment. a private business says we're going to inform you know we don't want you on our platform that's one thing but if you have like some government link to that that's dangerous yeah i don't really understand that wire tax money goes to pop ups i mean i think about think tanks in general which i'll probably get into another shouting said three of us now a great conversation about thinking just how bad they are in general but like every going to have a tag maybe don't get with warmongers the language will probably be fired like
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don't people who make war decide what we can say that's an icky place but at the very quickly i just want to know is there any idea of like is this going to hold them in what to tell us or a feeling of it is this thing going to just they're just done now on facebook like will tell the story is waiting to see what facebook says before they even you know assess that it was definitely an act of censorship or you know maybe it ended up being a mistake which it certainly didn't seem that way but the doing their due diligence to see what it is but i think for the rest of us you know the question is if it really is an act of censorship who's next is next i would then thank you so much always great to have you on. fuel by the needs of the burgeoning fields of medicine and science body snatching your grave robbery was one of history's more gruesome and nominates practices that occurred during the eight hundred victorian era in the united kingdom but just when you think we'd left the gruesome to history leave it to the twenty first century to outdo the past barbarism in his book the slaughter author of best
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a journalist even government delves into the macabre and brutal world of china's organ transplant business and its possible connections to internment camps and killing fields for arrested dissidents sean stone recently talked with government about his controversial book and investigations. in one thousand nine hundred five we have the first reports of the live organ harvesting taking place in the northwest corner of china in an area called shin john which the chinese call shin john that is muslim territory it's basically it's very shut off from the rest of the world and. the people who live there are not genetically chinese at all they're sort of sent there really central asians are turkic. but. they had started experimenting on them essentially in one thousand nine hundred five because it turned out that if you took out organs from someone well they were still alive the organ can be transplanted into a new person with without much of a problem or
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a lot less of a problem the body doesn't fight it's a bit like cutting flowers and running water or something. now that was the beginning in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven something very unusual happens you see up till then china's harvesting the organs from executed prisoners right and as much as the world may you know say oh that's so terrible and all the rest the truth is the world doesn't consider that so terrible they think of it as well they're going to these people are going to die anyways and so there is a tendency to sort of write it off at least there wasn't much hysteria about the issue back then. nine hundred ninety seven something unusual happened so i dug this up in my book. a doctor and he lives in europe and i'm not saying where because he has family in china was it a room she hospital he was asked by his.

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